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EZBZ - Life made easier

Life today moves quickly, and most of us are busy trying to balance work, family, our home, all while trying to make time to enjoy doing the things we love with those we love. It can be challenging.

How many times have you felt that there are not enough hours in the day? That your 'to-do list' never seems to get any shorter? That you simply can't find the services and support you need, when you need it, and at a rate that's affordable? Why should finding a painter, buying a computer table or finding a hair stylist, be so painful? Why should each entail numerous phone calls and hours of web surfing to compare prices and availability?

Wouldn't it be great, therefore, if there was a service that we could rely on that acted as a type of personal 'concierge,' a service that enables us to find what we need when we need it, invites local accredited businesses to bid competitively for our and lets us know about fantastic deals in our neighborhood, all in real time? Well, now there is...

Established in 2011, EZBZ is a one-stop online portal offering a selection of free, high quality, real-time services designed to make consumers lives easier and enable businesses to grow. Our services are readily accessible on the web, via smart devices and through dedicated iTunes and Android apps:

EZBID is a reverse bidding marketplace where users post whenever they need a product or service, and responses are generated in the form of competitive bids from local businesses. Once a query is entered, EZBZ identifies and notifies local vendors who offer that product or service, sending them a request so that they can respond with pricing and availability. Users typically begin receiving responses from businesses in minutes and, in many cases, with accurate pricing, thus saving the consumer time spent making phone calls, comparing prices or searching online.

EZBID is also great for finding products that you want. For example, an EZBZ user can send an inquiry to all furniture stores in their city stating that they are looking for a certain computer table and have them reply with a picture of their most recommended table and its details. Or, the user could be walking down the street, see a coat that they like, snap a photo and send an inquiry to all clothing stores that may have it in stock. It's that simple.

Businesses pay $1 to respond to an inquiry. EZBZ does not take commission on the deal, enabling businesses to make their pricing very competitive. Rather than spending so much money on flyers or email advertising that end up in spam folders or trash, why not use that budget to offer consumers a better price and better service?

EZBZ's goal is to offer prospective customers solutions that are simple, efficient and affordable, and with more than 220,000 businesses covering every city in the United States, EZBID is quick and simple to use.

EZNOW allows businesses to report their availability and location on an interactive map in real-time, including when and for how long they will be available. This is ideal for businesses where, for example, they have finished up a job and have time to fit in another appointment. It's also an excellent resource for consumers who need work doing and can find available contractors in their locale right away and contact them directly. Businesses can keep on updating their availability as the day progresses.

EZDEAL enables local businesses to post deals in on the EZBZ portal that are mapped and made available live in real-time to EZBZ users. The process is very easy. A business posts one or more deals including details, images, price and quantity available. EZBZ users can view all the deals available in their neighborhood, and take advantage of those deals. What's more, businesses can easily manage all of their deals 'on the fly,' adding more deals, updating prices and inventories on existing ones, and so on.

EZFIND is a neat and handy mobile service that enables the user to find and map specific services and businesses, again in real-time, using their precise location.

Most importantly, the entire process with all EZBZ's service is happening LIVE, giving businesses the opportunity to outbid each other, while the consumer is afforded the opportunity to compare multiple offers and make an educated decision on which businesses to contact.

We're all about bringing the power back to the consumer and offering solid business opportunities for companies to grow their customer base and enhance their reputation. EZBZ's mission is to revolutionize and simplify the way consumers and businesses communicate, allowing consumers to have their needs met more easily and enabling businesses of all sizes to compete in the same advertising arena.

More services and value-add functionality will be added to EZBZ as we continue to grow across America. Watch this space!

With best regards,

Shana Schlossberg
EZBZ Founder